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In-N-Out Says Boise's Burger Express Is a Copycat

[Photos: L: Idaho Statesman, R: loop_oh/Flickr]

Lawyers from adoration-inspiring burger chain In-N-Out say the logo and menu at Boise restaurant Burger Express look a little too familiar. According to the Idaho Statesman, In-N-Out's legal team sent a letter to the Burger Express owner, "telling him to scrap the resemblance or face a lawsuit."


[Images: L: Burger Express/Facebook, R: In-N-Out]

Attorneys gave Burger Express owner Larry Squillace until August 5 to change things up. In addition to the red and yellow logo, lettering and the short menu, In-N-Out even said the restaurant copies its presentation: "the burger partially wrapped with the side visible — to the customer."

Squillace was less than enthused about the comparison. He told the paper, " This goliath company just wants to pop our bubble and take all our dreams and smash 'em." If the restaurant's Facebook page is to be believed, the media uproar isn't hurting business any.

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