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Trojan Launches 'Food' Truck to Dispense Sex Toys

[Image: Trojan]

Condom brand Trojan is taking to the streets of New York next week with its "good vibrations" food truck. The downside: the truck doesn't serve any actual food. The upside: It does hand out free condoms and Trojan vibrating rings, and will be promoting a new product with the dubious name of "vibrating Twister."

Gimmicky? Well, yeah. But let's face it, people are way more likely to stop at a food truck than a drugstore post-inebriation. The Trojanmobiles will park outside bars and near actual food trucks. In a huge cross-marketing fail, the truck will not be touring in tandem with the Wienermobile food truck. Look for it around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Montauk next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, promoting sexual health awareness.

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