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Melty McDonald's Ice Cream Cake Incites Rage, Slapping

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A shift manager at an Evansville, Indiana McDonald's called 911 recently, after a customer reportedly slapped an employee and threw an ice cream birthday cake in her face. The reason for this McMeltdown? Police say the store agreed to keep the cake in its freezer for the customer. However she was less than happy with its level of frozenness when she arrived to pick it up.

Fortunately no one was injured. The manager told the 911 dispatcher, "I'm fine...just sticky." If softened ice cream incites such rage in this woman, she probably isn't a huge fan of coneing either. Here's the recording of the original 911 call.

Audio: McD's Customer Throws Ice cream, Slaps Employee

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[Photo: WFIE]


4701 Lincoln Ave., Evansville, IN

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