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Gordon Ramsay: 'Right Now, None of You Are Stars'

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So the premiere of Hell's Kitchen season nine aired the other day, and it was, as it's always been, the same circus of lame cruelty. Although do check out this clip below in which he tricks all the contestants into believing that they're going to be part of a huge show at the Orpheum in Las Vegas (with makeup artists, fake crowd noise, etc).

Who was in the theater? Spoiler alert: Gordon Ramsay, alone. He berates the contestants: "Seriously, what on Earth did you expect? A packed house? A standing ovation? Screaming fans? Really? Right now, none of you are stars. Resumes mean nothing. Got it? Got it?" Some pretty evil stuff:

Video: Gordon Ramsay: 'Right Now, None of You Are Stars'

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