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Patrón Secret Dining Society: Countdown to the Big Reveal


Scenes from the last Patrón Secret Dining Society event in Minneapolis.
Last month, our friends from the Patrón Secret Dining Society made a stop in the Midwest, transforming the historic James J. Hill Library in picturesque Minneapolis into a magical dining space. Chef Andrew Suthers and mixologist Patty Swaney collaborated to create an innovative and unconventional menu that surpassed lofty expectations.
The details for the next dinner are under wraps until midnight on Wednesday, but we'll tell you right now that it will be in another city with its own Eater. Once the details are announced, you’ll have four days to answer a riddle for a chance to win a seat at the table. Remember, only Patrón Social Club members will be eligible to win, so get to it and sign up today. >>