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The Food Truck Trend Is Like So Totally Not Over

Maximus Minimus, Seattle
Maximus Minimus, Seattle
Photo: ripkas/Flickr

While some have proclaimed food truck culture to be rife with copycats and lamewads, a new survey says the mobile food trend isn't going anywhere. It might not actually be a passing fad at all. According to restaurant trend-tracker Technomic, 91 percent of people polled say food trucks have "staying power," and just seven percent of regular food truck patrons say they will make fewer visits in the next year.

The biggest challenge for food trucks is drawing in people who aren't already fans. The Technomic research suggests that 70 percent of people who don't currently freak out over food trucks are still iffy on buying food from one. Perhaps disguising your vehicle as an ambulance or meter maid truck would make potential customers feel more comfortable.

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