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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dark Arts: If Guy Fieri Visited Hogwarts

In this latest College Humor parody bit, maniacal muggle Guy Fieri heads to Hogwarts to watch Harry Potter potions professor Severus Snape whip up a batch of polyjuice potion. Fieri provides his usual highly boisterous (and often rhyming) commentary about "shredded boomslang skin" and "home-stewed lacewing flies," though he's a regular Neville Longbottom when it comes to proper potioning.

Uh oh ? Snape is apparently up to no good. Fake Guy Fieri must not be a Harry Potter nerd, or else he would have known that polyjuice potion lets the user assume someone else's form. Why Snape, or really anyone, would want to pose as Fieri is a mystery. However the professor's mincing malevolence suggests he would make an awfully good judge on Top Chef. Here's the video.

Video: Guy Fieri at Hogwarts

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