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Website of the Day: Bacon Ipsum

Here's the website Bacon Ipsum, a "meatier Lorem Ipsum generator" that use types and cuts of meat in place of the standard Latin placeholder text. So you end up with meaty text like this:

Short ribs shankle salami, swine pork ham hock pork chop andouille ham. Ham hock rump meatloaf bresaola t-bone. Jowl chuck beef jerky, short loin tenderloin swine brisket t-bone flank ribeye strip steak. Beef pork chop spare ribs meatball tail, venison chicken beef ribs swine ground round. Short loin pastrami ribeye tail boudin pancetta, bacon shank drumstick venison short ribs ground round strip steak jerky tenderloin. Bresaola flank bacon jowl sirloin ground round, salami boudin strip steak pork belly tri-tip. Turkey jowl flank, boudin ball tip pastrami ham.

It's basically what Meatopia will be like.

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