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Yelp Hits 20 Million Reviews, Talks Smack About Zagat

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Yelp celebrated its 20-millionth review by having an intern break down the United States of Yelp with a handy infographic. Chicago is the "third Yelpiest city in the world," Shake Shack is the nation's most reviewed burger spot, and the most reviewed business in all the land is San Francisco's Bi-Rite Creamery.

Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Stoppelman apparently considers the site's notoriously hilarious restaurant assessments on par with the big boys. The infographic also has this bit of information: "All the restaurant reviews on Yelp could fill 16,894 Zagat Guides." [Ed note: More does not equal better.]

But wait ? all kinds of random stuff gets reviewed in Yelp. Should someone print out every last review, they would fill 39,288 Zagat guides. Somewhere both Tim and Nina Zagat and a forest of virgin trees are both crying.

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[Image: Yelp]