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Astronauts Have an 'All-American' Space Barbecue

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This is what a barbecue looks like, in space.
This is what a barbecue looks like, in space.
Photo: NASA

Just because they're in space doesn't mean the astronauts International Space Station can't enjoy a little summer fun. That's right, it's time for a space barbecue. Today NASA is serving up some down home American eats, including thermostabilized barbecue brisket, grilled chicken, baked beans, Southwestern corn and apple pie. And, in a nod to the French, crackers and brie to start. Happy Bastille Day?

What do NASA's food scientists know about barbecue? Not much: according to their recipe, the meat doesn't see a lick of smoke until it gets hit with a hickory smoke flavored sauce at the end. Guess the whole freeze-drying process would probably kill the texture, anyhow.

Here's a video of NASA food scientist Vickie Kloeris explaining the special All-American meal:

Video: Behind the Scenes: Food Lab

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