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Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Casting For Restaurants

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Shouty British chef Gordon Ramsay's is looking to save more struggling restaurants across the country. The producers of Kitchen Nightmares sent in a casting call for struggling restaurants in the Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Baltimore/D.C. areas to be on the show and get that magical Ramsay "there I fixed it" touch.

It's maybe all fake anyway, but maybe you'll get a Lobster Claw machine out of it? But there's tons of free press and you get to be on TV and people can see the state of your walk-in cooler, so there's that. A casting producer writes in:

Does your restaurant need HELP? Are you trying to make some green but still running in the red? Do you and your chef have different ideas about the menu? Or maybe you have a great location, but are unable to bring in the customers?

Restaurant owners should visit this page and fill out the 14-page application (PDF) for a chance to appear on the show. Also, they ask for a video tour. Please to note: The restaurant "must have been open at least one year, offer dinner service and have at least 35 seats."

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