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Lucky Peach's 'Ramen Gods' Prints Now On Sale

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[Images: Cannonball Press]

Chef David Chang's ramen-centric debut issue of Lucky Peach includes an homage in both words and graphics to "the magnificent pantheon of Tokyo ramen gods." Brooklyn artist Mike Houston of Cannonball Press created five woodcut illustrations for the issue, each capturing a giant (or tagteam smackdown duo of giants) of ramen.

Houston's art is now on sale, as 18-by-24 prints, for a highly reasonable $20 a pop. Jettison that skyline print from Ikea and fake vintage Italian liquor ads and adorn your kitchen with Ol' Pungent-Master Yamada-San, or Jun-Ichi Shimazaki, The Ramenbilly King. There's also Yamagashi-San, The Father of Tsukemen Style, the mighty Ivan Orkin, and the Tsukemen Heavyweights' "sub-ground tagteam smackdown." Collect all five.

· Cannonball Press [Official Website via @LuckyPeach]
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