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McDonald's Israel Debuts $9.25 'Big America' Burgers

Image: McDonald's Israel

Looks like America isn't the only place where competition from specialty burger chains has inspired McDonald's to class up its offerings. In Israel the fast food giant is introducing a series of "Big America" burgers. Like Americans themselves, these burgers are hefty: patties weigh just over a half-pound. They also cost the equivalent of $9.25 apiece. A combo meal runs $14.50, which is apparently significantly cheaper than its boutique competitors.

[Image: McDonald's Israel]

The "Big New York" has a patty made of short rib and sirloin, and clocks in at 639 calories. The 698-calorie "Big Texas" version swaps in some barbecue sauce and fried onions. Meanwhile, in other non-healthful news, McDonald's Israel has retired the ground-chickpea McFalafel from the menu. Bonus: Here's a picture of the Big Texas burger, which makes the typical McDonald's patty seem comically tiny.

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