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Competitive Eating Gets Its Annual July 4th Media Blitz

With the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest mere days away, 'tis the season to fill up the pre-holiday news vacuum with stories about competitive eating. Businessweek profiles "gurgitating juggernaut" Major League Eating, which organizes 90 competitive eating events a year. While it's possible for "the LeBron James of hot dog eating" to net six-figure endorsement deals, other top-ranked eaters hardly make enough to pay rent on a New York City apartment.

Meanwhile competitive eating phenom Tim Janus, aka Eater X, tells Food Republic what it's like when the clock stops at the end of a major eating competition:

All of a sudden you become very aware of how much food you’ve just eaten and you start to resent the hot dogs in your stomach. Meat takes a while to digest, you have that with you for a good solid day, but ones the buns start to digest you can start to move around again.

Janus also demonstrated his eating skills for the Wall Street Journal. Here's a video of him offering some professional tips on this challenging food (separating the meat and bun is key, as is pushing through the strong flavor).

Video: Hot-Dog Champ 'Eater X' Shows How It's Done

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