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Watch a 'Perfect Burger' Go from Grind to Grill

Eater is off to enjoy the holiday weekend. Have a safe 4th of July and, once again, please avoid any barbecue disasters. But should they happen, do send us a video.


The Brooklyn Kitchen shop and sibling butchery The Meat Hook join forces to educate the masses on grinding and grilling the ideal burger. Butcher Tom Mylan nearly ruins everyone's appetite with this factoid: typical commercial patties at the supermarket use "bits of meat from 500 to 1,000 different cows."

Grill action should happen at medium to low temperatures. Avoid flaring flames that lick against the side of patties. "It's good for Burger King commercials; it's not actually good for the flavor of the meat." Here's the video.

Video: Burger Grinding and Grilling

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