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Ice-T Calls Slushies 'The Biggest Hustle Ever'

Rapper and actor Ice-T is a man who tells it like it is. He's not afraid to point out sugary frozen drink injustices. Back in March he tweeted "The 'SLUSHIE HUSTLE'... What part of the game is that.. And my dumb ass keeps buying em.. 90% ice." And posted a photo of said frozen hustle.

And last night on Conan, he brought it up again: "You drink the slushie, you buy it, and you suck it like five times and it's ice. Man, fuck slushies..." And even worse, they're addictive: "But the bad thing about it is even though you know you're only going to get six sucks, when you're thirsty, you buy a Slushie again. And you end up with a cup full of ice."

Video: Ice-T Calls Slushies 'The Biggest Hustle Ever'

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