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Gordon Ramsay Eats Sushi on a Naked Lady on MasterChef

Well, season two of the somewhat intolerable MasterChef started last night — you know, the show with Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot as judges in which they crown an amateur home cook with the title of "Master" "Chef." (The parodies have been perhaps better than the actual show.)

Anyway, last night was the American Idol-esque casting call episode full of stunts and bad food. And in walks Christian, an event planner from Las Vegas, who brings a naked lady friend for naked sushi (also known as Nyotaimori in Japan). "This is my special treat," he tells the judges. "I've been looking forward to serving this for your guys for a while." Which of course elicits this exchange:

Joe Bastianich: My question is, who goes first?
Gordon Ramsay: Maybe all three, at the same time?

The naked ambition, alas, did not get him through to the next round.

Video: MasterChef Sushi

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