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Treme: 'When You Work Inside You Forget What It's Like'

Last night on Treme, it was Mardi Gras, and chef Janette Desautel is working at Le Bernardin and missing out on all the fun. Chef Eric Ripert, telepathic Yoda that he is, feels an unbalance in the force and gives her the day off.

"It would be bad karma for the rest of us to have a believer stuck plating tuna on one of the holidays," says Ripert. So what does she do? Dinner at Le Bernardin, of course. During dinner she realizes, "When you work inside you forget what it's like. What it can be like out here."

Also of note: her roommate has started working for David Chang. "It's a serious restaurant that makes serious food," he says of why he quit smoking weed for the job. "And it's time that I got serious about making serious food." A presage of things to come!

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Le Bernardin

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