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Is Top Chef Season Nine Shooting in San Antonio, Texas?

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Photo: brad_holt / Flickr

A couple of days ago we got the news that Top Chef season nine started shooting, and if the blog post title "The night Bravo told me to stop tweeting" by SymiGoddess is to be believed, it looks like Top Chef is shooting in San Antonio, Texas.

Attending a Beer Pairing Dinner at the San Antonio restaurant Luke, SymiGoddess found herself in the company of Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi, Emeril Lagasse, and chefestapant Tre Wilcox, and did what any good person with a smart phone and a Twitter account would do: they started tweeting. Until supposedly a Bravo handler told her, "you need to stop tweeting... Now!" SymiGoddess reported that Gail Simmons said, "You tweeted this location and have compromised our ..."

According to the company's website, there's only one location of Whole Foods in all of San Antonio and surroundings: the Alamo Quarry store located at 255 E. Basse Rd.

San Antonio people, you know where to send photos and tips.

In addition a tipster sends unverified news that Dakota Weiss, executive chef at NineThirty at the W Hotel in Westwood, Los Angeles, is a cheftestapant on the next season. This is along with the rumor that Paul Qui (Uchicko, Austin, TX) is on the show.

Know of any other chefs that have recently gone mysteriously "missing" for multiple weeks? Do send it in.

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