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Brown Coffee Co Posts Big Sales After 'Homophobic' Tweet

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More on the Brown Coffee Company saga. It turns out that posting a "homophobic" tweet, then deleting it like a coward, then writing an absurd defense, and then deleting that, can actually be good for business. The coffee shop apparently posted its second-biggest sales day ever when it opened Wednesday after the shitstorm surrounding its tweet condemning gay marriage.

Here's an excerpt from the company's latest blog post creepily titled "He Smiles" (because who knows if they'll take that down too):

People came in the door and they bought coffee. Lots of it. Extra bags of it. Extra rounds of it. They bought coffee gear, empty jute bags we have lying around and extra packs of coffee filters. They bought drinks for people they’ve never bought drinks for. They bought Brown shirts for themselves that they already owned. They bought practically anything that wasn’t nailed down. And they smiled. And it was good. And there was much rejoicing.

Umm, what happened to that talk of a boycott? Brown Coffee Company is located in San Antonio; hopefully the influx of business isn't coming from sleep-deprived Top Chef Season 9 crew members.

A couple of days ago, TV host Anthony Bourdain tweeted "Dear Brown Coffee: God called. He said you suck."

Brown Coffee Company wrapped up their post with this response: "Oh, Bourdain, being a televised wandering eater with a budget and a cool frock of hair does not a theologian make. Seriously, man. It’s embarrassing." Guess Bourdain won't be visiting the coffee shop for his new show.

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