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Coffee Roaster's 'Homophobic' Tweet Causes Outrage

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After New York state legalized same sex marriage over the weekend, someone at the Brown Coffee Company out of San Antonio, Texas decided to publicly share their opinion on the matter and tweeted, "No human law can ever legitimize what natural law precludes. #SorryFolks #NotEqual #WhyBother #ChasingAfterTheWind #SelfEvident."

And here comes the shitstorm and lost business: RBC NYC, a New York City coffee shop announced on its Tumblr that they've pulled the company's coffee: "Although we won’t tell you what RBC stands for, we’ll let you know it doesn’t stand for intolerance and bigotry, therefore we will not be doing business with The Brown Coffee Co. anymore."

Twitter hate for Brown Coffee Company is brewing with calls for a boycott. And likely in response to said hate, the company deleted the tweet, locked its Twitter account, and apparently straight-up deleted its Facebook page (Google cache here). Its blog and website remain operational.

Update: Brown Coffee Company has responded.

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Brown Coffee Company

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