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Top Chef Season Nine Is Maybe Filming Right Now

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An Eater mole inside the BravoTopCheftaplex have delivered the news that Top Chef season nine just started filming. (That is a lot of seasons.) And just last week Eater Austin relayed that Uchiko's chef Paul Qui is possibly maybe a contestant as he was cryptically "going away for six weeks." Sources would neither confirm nor deny that this was the case, so of course it's probably true.

So: Anyone know of any sous chefs, chefs, or catering jockeys that have disappeared from their kitchens and home towns?

Or better yet: Keep your cameras and cameraphones at the ready, since this season's city is still unknown, you never know when you're going to come across cheftestapants running madly through a Whole Foods. Got photos? You know where to send them.

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