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Food Network's Extreme Chef Is Extremely Extreme

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You were warned that Food Network's new show Extreme Chefs was like totally extreme, and it's even more extreme than that. No, this is Saturday Night Live parody of Top Chef extreme.

In the final round, the competitors were told to run a 1/2 mile in the desert in 120 degree heat to get their supplies, then put them in a 100-pound barrel, and then roll the barrel back the 1/2 mile through artificial mud pits (no going around them?). And then they had to cook the food. BUT THAT WASN'T ENOUGH. No, the show includes what's called an "X FACTOR."

In this episode, the contestants had to make ice cream using 50-pound blocks of solid ice — having to carry them with cast-iron ice tongs — and then use ingredients including black beans, corn, yams, or chiles. AND THEN: They got handcuffed for the last ten minutes. Also, watch for judges Josh Ozersky and Marco Canora.

Video: Extreme Chef - Whiskey Barrels

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