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Website of the Day: The Bad Deal

Please say hello to the website The Bad Deal that highlights "BAD DEALS" on sites like Groupon, Gilt, Living Social, and Savored. It's from Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton, the man behind Eater favorite The Price Hike.

Writes Sutton, "Just as social coupon sites sometimes champion dubious restaurants with dubious offers, The Bad Deal will offer consumers a moment of pause with fast and furious analysis. It's gonna get bad folks. REAL BAD."

Reached for comment, Sutton said, "I see a lot of restaurants moving into the social deal sector, and as more people get their information about restaurants through deal sites and as more people spend their hard earned disposable income through these deal sites, I just want to offer a critical counterbalance to those offers. Everyone's been focused on criticizing the stock valuations of Groupon, and I realized very few, if anyone, was focusing on criticizing day-to-day consumer side and the day-to-day deals."

He continued: "Obviously, I could write 10 of these posts a day, but I think
I'll start with a few per week and see where things go. I dig this stuff. I love finance and statistics and reporting and criticizing, so it's a fun little hobby I get to work on during my free time (I'm lucky enough to be on vacation this week!)."

The first bad deal: A Gilt City deal for margaritas at NYC's Ava Lounge. It's... pretty bad.

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