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French Restaurant Gives Back Its Michelin Star

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Photo: Le Lisita

Le Lisita, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Nimes, France, has "given back" its one star and will soon transform into a brasserie. As the Telegraph reports, the chef Olivier Douet's decision was propelled by "the onerous demands" that come with such an accolade; once in the Michelin race, the costs for a restaurant and its customers are notably high. Said Douet, "In a starred restaurant, there is one waiter for five to six people. With a brasserie, a waiter can look after twenty to thirty customers."

Douet is the latest in a group of European chefs — including Alain Senderens and Yves Camdeborde — to have renounced the star system to open decidedly less formal restaurants.

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