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Jack in the Box Voluntarily Takes Toys Out of Kids' Meals

Photo: rojer / Flickr

Jack in the Box, a restaurant that is named after a type of toy, will no longer be giving away toys with its kids' meals. They've done other things to make the kids' meals more boring, too, like adding apple slices as a side option. (They do come with caramel sauce, though.)

And why did they make these changes? Was it because there was a horde of furious parents beating down the doors of the restaurant chain's corporate offices with torches and nasty protest signs? No, Jack in the Box did it on their own: "Our advertising and promotions have focused on the frequent fast-food customer, not children...Parents were generally not choosing Jack in the Box as a dining destination because of a toy." And thus ends twenty years of Jack in the Box kids' meals with toys.

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