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Eighth Graders Take a Field Trip to Hooters

Some kids having a birthday party at Hooters.
Some kids having a birthday party at Hooters.
Photo: chiropractic / Flickr

Hooters is a great place to celebrate all kinds of special occasions: bachelor parties, Valentine's Day, an eighth grade field trip...wait, what? Yes! A group of eighth graders from Pennsylvania on a field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore ended up eating lunch at a Hooters nearby because their group of 100 students was too large for a single restaurant.

Apparently this is not an uncommon thing for Hooters; a rep for the chain said "the restaurant chain often hosts groups, including sports teams and church organizations with teens and younger children." And none of the kids' parents have complained, so sure, Hooters, why not. We're sure some of those kids learned a thing or two.

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