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Watch Jon Stewart Flip Out Over Donald Trump's Pizza Choice

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Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart went on an absolutely epic eight-minute rant about Donald Trump taking Sarah Palin get some pizza in New York.

Crimes include: 1. going to the Albanian chain Famous Famiglia (there's also a location at a Phoenix airport), 2. stacking two slices of pizza ("Maybe all those years of making your hair do whatever it does, you think you can layer any fucking thing you want to, and no one's gonna say anything about it."), and 3. eating pizza with a fork ("Donald Trump, why don't you just take that fork and stick it in New York's eye?"). After listing a whole bunch of good pizza places to visit in New York (it's "a bit of a pizza Mecca"), Stewart then offers a pizza slice-eating tutorial. Watch:

Video: Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad

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