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Here's a Cooking Show 'Money Shot' Supercut Video

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Sadly, TV viewers can't actually taste the food prepared on cooking shows. And people on television tend to end a segment by sampling the finished product and moaning, rolling their eyes, or doing other suggestive things to affirm that the dish is damn tasty.

Those crafty contrarian linkbaiters over at Slate have dispensed with the actual cooking part of cooking shows, and put together a supercut of what it terms the "money shot" ? that moment when the food actually gets tasted. Which is a gross term, really.

The montage features assorted grunting, groaning, Bobby Flay fist-pumping, and Paula Deen adding a few extra syllables to the word "shazaam." Not to mention a few comments that sound like unequivocal sex invites.

Video: Money Shots: The Cooking Show Edition

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