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Every Fast Food Chain Just Wants to Be Starbucks Already

Image: Ad Age

In restaurant terminology, "cafe concept" is industry-speak for "how can we make ourselves look like Starbucks?" Ad Age rounds up the Starbucksification plans of assorted fast food giants. McDonald's, ironically under fire for its bad coffee in Australia, is in the midst of a major remodel that includes muted colors and loungey seating areas. Burger King's redesign calls for hip pendant lighting, while Subway is testing a new "Subway Cafe" concept with brick walls and even "the occasional fireplace," perfect for cozying up with a $5 meatball footlong.

Other easy ways to make customers think they're at Starbucks? Replacing the bums with white-collar criminals, some Lady Gaga promotions and the occasional petty thievery.

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