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Holstein With 'Firm, Buxom Udder' Wins Cow Beauty Pageant

Krista and her breeder
Krista and her breeder
Photo: dapd

A Holstein named Krista was recently won a German beauty pageant for cows, defending the title she also won in 2009. What makes a cow worthy of taking home that trophy and giant cow-sized sash? Poise, composure and "a round belly and firm, buxom udder." Plus, unlike one competitor, Krista didn't urinate while on the catwalk.

Pageant prep included a special training camp to help Krista acclimate to noisy, stressful situations. The morning of the 2011 German Holstein Show, the cow and her competitors received some full-on primping with combs, hairbrushes and hair dryers to help maximize cows' "natural permanent wave."

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