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IHOP at Home, IHOP's Frozen Breakfast Pastries

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Today IHOP announced some new things they want people to microwave and put in their mouths: the "IHOP at Home" line of "premium frozen breakfast items" inspired by "the innovative and craveable flavors IHOP is known and loved for." It includes French Toast Stuffed Pastries (one is stuffed with strawberry cream cheese), Omelet Crispers (bacon, sausage, or cheese) and Griddle 'n Sausage Wraps (breakfast sausage stuffed inside "maple syrup-tinged pancake batter"). What, no sticks?

These products are only available at you local Walmart (and oddly not in the IHOP restaurants). The FAQ is also amusing. See #10: "Do any of the ingredients for IHOP at Home products come from Japan?" — the answer is no.

Also see question #13: "Can I deep fry/pan fry my Omelet Crisper/French Toast Stuffed Pasteries [sic]/Griddle 'n Sausage Wraps?" The answer is, alas, no.

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