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Watch the Chef-Kidnapping Commercial For Shoney's

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Here are a couple of really great commercials from the restaurant chain Shoney's as part of their "Starting Fresh" campaign: In the first ad, the CEO takes a bulldozer to own of his restaurants, and in the second the CEO orchestrates the kidnapping of a chef from a "five-star restaurant" and, um, puts him to work?

Shoney's used to have over 1,600 locations across the country which apparently has dwindled to a paltry 230, and in 2007 the company was acquired by now CEO David Davoudpour. It's a total riff on Domino's 2010 advertising campaign in which they condemned their own cardboard-like product.

It's a good lesson for everyone: Be rich, buy a company, and you, too, can star in the commercials.

Video: Shoney's Starting Fresh - David Davoudpour Spot

Video: Shoney's Starting Fresh - Kidnapping Spot

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