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Slot Machine Robot Pays Out Drinks Mixed Up at Random

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Photo via Popular Science

A New York-based hacker collective, NYC Resistor, has unleashed unto the world a robotic drink-mixing gambling device named Barbot. Born from a repurposed Japanese slot machine, Barbot serves up a win for every player, in the form of a randomly selected mixed drink. Just hit the throttle and push three lighted buttons and the machine will select your spirit and mixers.

All the possible combos are pulled from a bartending guide, so users shouldn't receive anything truly nasty. Barbot is currently serving up drinks at Pacific Standard in Brooklyn. Below, a timelapse video of the robot's creation, and Barbot in action:

Laughing Squid has a 21-day time lapse of how NYC Resistor built Barbot:

Patch Park Slope on how Barbot works:

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Pacific Standard

82 Fourth Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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