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Treme Watch: 'Your Sous Chef, That's a Life-Long Relationship'

On Sunday night's episode of Treme, chef Janette Desautel is still working cold apps at Le Bernardin, and when she hears news that her sous chef is in trouble in New Orleans, she asks Eric Ripert for some time off. In comparison to when she asked the tyrannical (and fictional) chef Enrico Brulard for a day off, it went over a little better.

Desautel was referred to Ripert because, as Tom Colicchio said, "He's a Buddhist, he's all about forgiveness." And Ripert drops a zen koan-like knowledge bomb: "Friends, lovers, marriage... they come and go. But your sous chef, that's a life-long relationship. Go."

Video: Making the Food

Video: Ripert on Sous Chefs

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