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You're Grilling That Wrong: The Best Barbecue Disaster Videos

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While most food websites out there run snoozerific grilling tips with celebrity chefs pegged to Memorial Day, instead we're celebrating those brave souls who've made the explosive mistakes we all hope to avoid.

Because there's really nothing like a summer barbecue (and beer) to bring out the idiot in everyone, here now, in order from purposeful lighter fluid explosions to actual injury, the best barbecue disaster videos we could find:

10: Lighter Fuel Gone Wrong

9: The Animal Fat Kept the Fire Going

8: Flammable Liquid on a BBQ Is Never a Good Idea!

7: Poor Hot Dogs

6: Double Decker Gas Grill Disaster

5: How Note to Light a Barbecue

4: Purposeful Barbecue Disaster

3: An Entire Pig Set Ablaze

2: "I Think He's One of Those Guys Who Feels Like He Can BBQ Anything."

1: Barbecue Disasters May Be Hilarious; Also, Very Dangerous

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