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Guy Fieri's Latest Cookbook Reveals the Evolution of Guy Fieri

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[Photos: Raphael Brion/]

Larger than life Food Network star and big gay icon Guy Fieri has a new cookbook out called Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It (order at Amazon), and it many things: It is a handsome collection of recipes including things like wasabi slammer jammer avocado eggrolls on a stick or coconut curry shrimp pizza bacon wraps (I made those up).

It is also partly a biography that recounts his humble origin story. But what stood out the most was the sheer number of photographs of our hero: Not including the cover, there are 71 photographs of Guy Fieri in this cookbook and serves as the largest cache of pre-Food Network Star Fieri photographs. There was indeed a time that Fieri did not bleach his hair.

Here now, all of the photos of Mr. Fieri from the cookbook — reordered chronologically — so you can see the evolution of Guy Fieri the innocent child; to Guy Fieri the restaurateur/dad; to Guy Fieri, the flamboyant, drag queen-esque millionaire entertainer.

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