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First Look: Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook

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Today we got our hands on a blad of executive chef Daniel Humm and general manager Will Guidara's cookbook Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook — out November 11th, 2011 from Little, Brown, and Company (preorder on Amazon) — and what's there so far is, as expected, staggeringly beautiful. This is Thomas Keller/Noma/Big Fat Duck cookbook territory.

Danny Meyer's Eleven Madison Park is one of the most highly-regarded restaurants in the country — four stars from the New York Times in 2009; winner of Outstanding Restaurant in this year's James Beard Awards; #24 in 2011 San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants — and the cookbook aims equally as high.

Promised are recipes by Humm and essays by Guidara that "highlight the restaurant's philosophy of balance and constant innovation and offer a unique behind-the-scene view of life in a world-class kitchen and dining room."

In an essay about Miles Davis, Guidara talks about how, after critic Moira Hodgson in the New York Observer wrote that the restaurant "needed a bit more Miles Davis," they started to listen to his music more:

We started reading as many articles as we could find about Miles and eventually came up with a list of the eleven words we found most commonly used to describe him. This list included: Cool, Endless, Reinvention, Inspired, Forward-Moving, Fresh, Collaborative, Spontaneous, Vibrant, Adventurous, Light, and Innovative. That list became our inspiration. We printed a large sign with the words and our logo and placed it in our office, where it still hangs today. Cookbook nerdery: 372 pages. Recipes are broken down into subrecipes before being merged in one final recipe with the header "To Finish." With photography by Francesco Tonelli, this cookbook looks like it's pretty much a lock for the JBF "Cooking From a Professional Point of View" Award.

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