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Cupcakes Symbolize 'A Retreat From American Greatness'

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Wall Street Journal columnist Joe Queenan takes aim at the cupcake, which is a fairly easy target at this point. However, Queenan takes his hate a bit further than most: cupcakes are un-American! Writes Queenan, "The cupcake, to me, symbolizes compromise and acquiescence, a retreat from American greatness." Yes, true Americans clearly would make full-sized cakes.

So how did we get to this tragic point? He blames Sex and the City, of course. Not that Queenan's seen it, "for the obvious reason that it launches stupid Barbie doll-ish trends like cupcake mania." Also, cupcakes are not meaty enough, as they lack "muscle, sinew, cojones." In other words, cupcakes are totally for girls.

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