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Eric Ripert and Tom Colicchio Cameo on Treme

On last night's episode of Treme, Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert had their very own cameos, with multiple lines and everything. Janette Desautel meets with Colicchio to apologize for having thrown a cocktail at Alan Richman's face (he had apparently gotten her the gig at Brulard). Colicchio refers her to Eric Ripert because "He's a Buddhist, he's all about forgiveness, he'll take care of you."

She then heads to Le Bernardin to meet Ripert who gives her a job, but she has to start at the bottom. Just like how the episode of Avec Eric showed the inner workings of the restaurant, Ripert says, "Everybody starts at garde manger, even if you were chef de cuisine at Ducasse, you start at garde manger."

Video: Tom Colicchio on Treme

Video: Eric Ripert on Treme

Video: At Le Bernardin

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