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Starbucks and Lady Gaga Team Up in Marketing Frenzy!

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Photos: yourdon / Flickr, Lady Gaga PH

So what do all those white collar criminals, Russian spies and petty thieves hanging out at Starbucks have in common? They all love Lady Gaga! The pop superstar is teaming up with the coffee chain for a promotion celebrating the release of her new album Born This Way on May 23. The album will be streaming on the Starbucks Digital Network that day, and they're also collaborating on a QR iPhone scavenger hunt that runs from today (May 19) through June 7. (It's unclear what the prizes are, but "Lady Gaga has a featured role.")

Pop culture professor Robert Thompson told USA Today, "Teaming up with Starbucks means she's the ultimate sell-out." But apparently that's not a bad thing! Just a thing that will make everyone involved lots and lots and lots of money.

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