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Bourdain: No Tolerance For Food Critics With Agendas

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Anthony Bourdain was in Australia for the Sydney Writer's Festival and spoke with media blog Mumbrella about writing for Treme, culinary reality competitions on television, and why he mans his own Twitter account ("The idea of somebody else pretending to be me is blatantly offensive and embarrassing").

A lot of the conversation also focused on restaurant criticism:

"I don't have a lot of tolerance for people who have other agendas, who are settling personal scores, who are taking backhanders, who are in any way bent, which is to say a very large proportion of the food writing, or food criticism community."

Bourdain-approved food critics include New York Times critic Sam Sifton, LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold, and British critic A.A. Gill of The Sunday Times.

Video: Anthony Bourdain on Mumbrella

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