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Treme Watch: Alan Richman Gets a Cocktail in His Face

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Back in February it was announced that Anthony Bourdain was going to be writing scenes for Treme and that restaurant critic Alan Richman had agreed to play himself on the show. (Bourdain and Richman have feuded in the past — an entire chapter of Bourdain's latest book, Medium Raw was titled "Alan Richman Is a Douchebag".)

In the clips below Janette Desautel is working at the restaurant in New York and Alan Richman — an "ultra ultra ultra vip" — is in the house. Still fuming over his New Orleans-bashing GQ article and tired of her chef's abuse, she goes to the bar, orders a Sazerac, and splashes it in Richman's face. "This is how the Creole fairy folk back home cure their three-day stubble," she says.

Later, she meets a co-worker for a drink and to get her knife roll back, and it turns out her antics landed on Eater and made her an internet hero. Here's the exchange:

Coworker: You name shall live in history. Janette: Infamy, you mean. I have never ever done anything like that in my life.

Coworker: Have you seen the website? Eater dot com? You're fucking famous!

Janette: That kind of famous I don't need. I fucked up. Big time. Biggest ever. Like the history of the world. Total disgrace, I mean, I'll never work again.

Coworker: I don't know about you opening a restaurant in New York any time soon, but holy shit. You're a fucking outlaw! Have you seen the shit they're saying about you on the internet? They're making you sound like Bonnie and Clyde, but without the Clyde. You're a fucking hero!

Richman wrote up his experience being on Treme: "Here was the first catch: New Orleans would be getting revenge on me. Here's the second catch: Bourdain would be writing the scene where New Orleans gets revenge on me." Richman called the Sazerac "a good choice of weaponry, since it symbolizes the city."

Also, word came late Friday that the show was renewed for a third season. Hopefully this means more critic revenge fantasy fulfillment.

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