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Placenta-Eating Food Clubs and 'Wiking' (Wine + Hiking)

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Last week the hot trends were urban foraging, night markets, single-item restaurants, bicycle cafés (hybrid repair shop cafés), and "Rent-a-Tree" programs (we were dubious on the last two). But those trends are so last week. Old and busted. The hot, new trends: 1. eating placentas, and 2. "wiking," the combination of hiking and wine tasting.

Of course the placenta-eating is from something called the San Francisco Food Adventure club. Said the group's founder, who cooked the placenta for guests in her apartment: "We're not into shock value... We're into rarefied food and experimentation." Sadly, the placenta donor was invited to partake but declined. Those that did eat the placenta were given a badge.

And of course "wiking" is from Oregon. Said the owner of a company that organizes the trips: "Our hiking customer is very sophisticated... Wine is a product that's as close to the dirt as you can get. But this is the good life, no doubt about it." Four-day trips — in which you hike 10 miles a day and eat fresh-caught Chinook salmon — will set you back $1,150.

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[Photo: SF Chronicle]

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