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Gordon Ramsay Shames a Restaurateur Over Frozen Lasagna

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On the latest episode of Kitchen Nightmares, lawsuit-embroiled shouty chef Gordon Ramsay headed down to Zeke's Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana. After seeing that the lasagna special ($12.99) was made a week prior, then portioned, frozen, and microwaved to order, Ramsay told the restaurant owner, "How the fuck is that special in your tiny mind when it's cooked a week ago?"

To prove a point and humiliate the owners, Ramsay announces to a packed dining room that the lasagna special was a week old, and asked, rather logically, "When you come out to a restaurant and you read today's specials — for instance a beautiful homemade lasagna — would you expect that lasagna to be made today?" The owners, alas, still didn't get it.

Video: Gordon Ramsay Shame a Restaurateur Part 1

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Zeke's Restaurant

1517 Metairie Road Metairie, LA 70005-3938