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Guerrilla Marketing For Snake Juice on Parks and Recreation

Last night on Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford had a business plan: a "high-end Kahlua-style liquer" called Snake Juice. It's made by mixing "a bunch of alcohol together, [adding] some sugar and coffee, and some other junk, and it kinda tastes like Kahlua."

To get the word out there, he gave a Guerrilla Marketing 101 class to his coworkers, and we got to hear Ron Swanson practice saying, "Give me a shot of Snake Juice, I hear it has a dope aftertaste."

Later at the nightclub, Tom offered a bunch of genius investment ideas, including: "open a nightclub called Eclipse that's only open for one hour, two times a year. Cover charge: $5000."

Video: Guerrilla Marketing Tutorial

Video: Convincing Ron Swanson + The Eclipse Nightclub

Video: Ron Swanson Sells Snake Juice

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