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Anthony Bourdain in a Segment on Nightline Tonight

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Anthony Bourdain is going to be on Nightline tonight (barring breaking news, etc.). He'll be eating at Russ & Daughters and Xi’an Famous Foods in New York with host John Berman and talking about fun things like obesity.

When asked what he makes of obese people, Bourdain said it "would be Fascistic" to suggest that people "conform to some freakish body type," but does think it's an issue. After all, we might have "a hard time drafting an Army or if you're clogging an exit." Here's the full quote, plus a preview in which Bourdain talks about what foods he refuses to eat:

JOHN BERMAN: What do you make of obese people?

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I think every adult has a right to make their own decisions about, you know, how healthy or unhealthy. I, I think it is — would be Fascistic to suggest that, that women or men, for that matter conform to some freakish body type.

But I think if you're at the point that you need help, need help getting out of your car, if, if you're raising kids who are morbidly obese by the time they're five or six, if we can't, you know — if we're at — at the point like we were pre-World War II where we, we really had a hard time drafting an Army or if you're clogging an exit.

You know, we're all fleeing a building, you know, now it's not a lifestyle choice. Now it's a problem that others will — will have to deal with.

Video: Anthony Bourdain on What He Won't Eat

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John Berman and Anthony Bourdain. [Photo: Nightline]

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