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JBF: Scholarship Not a 'Reaction to Bourdain's Recent Rant'

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After we suggested yesterday that the newly-announced "James Beard Foundation Scholarship for Immigrants in the Kitchen" was "a possible response" to Anthony Bourdain's recent criticisms, a representative from the James Beard Foundation hopped into the comments.

They wrote that the scholarship — four $5,000 culinary scholarships "earmarked for students who have immigrated to America" — was not a "reaction to Bourdain's recent rant." Also: The program has been in the works since last November. Here's the full comment:

The premise that the James Beard Foundation pulled together a whole scholarship program in reaction to Bourdain’s recent rant is simply untrue. We have been working with the Food Network on the “Scholarship for Immigrants in the Kitchen” since last November after deciding on the “Ultimate Melting Pot” theme. We’re proud of the fact that since 1991 we’ve awarded over $3.6 million in financial aid to culinary students.

They also dropped a link to let people know that "applications for 2011 scholarships are open until May 15 and any culinary student may apply."

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