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Man Discovered Living on the Roof of a Waffle House

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Photo: io_burn / Flickr

An air conditioning repairman in Augusta, Georgia found a man who had been living on the roof of a Waffle House for who knows how long. No one's even really sure how he got up there in the first place, but he was taken to a hospital for dehydration. A witness told reporters, "You never expect anything like this, a person on top of the roof at a Waffle House? No, never that."

Gawker notes that perhaps Waffle House should take notes from IHOP "for having long ago devised a creative solution to deterring squatters" with its slanty roofs.

But seriously, if you were going to live on top of a restaurant, wouldn't the regal settings of a White Castle be a classier choice?

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Waffle House

2057 Gordon Highway, Augusta, GA

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