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Starbucks Home to Illicit Insider Trading, Spies, Hobos

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The homeless guy trying to bathe in the bathroom sink isn't the only person up to something fishy at Starbucks. A Wall Street Journal article points out how frequently wrongdoers conduct their business in the chain's coffee shops. One white-collar lawyer says insider trading no longer goes down at New York's Plaza Hotel: "It's now lattes at Starbucks the government should be focusing on."

Starbucks' dubious new role as a rendezvous point for shady dealings includes drug busts, the recent Galleon Group insider trading scandal, and an admitted Russian spy transmitting covert communications from a Manhattan shop. She used a closed network, not the free wifi. Lawyers say the stores' "bustling environment" offers "cover for individuals during their interactions." Also: cake pops.

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